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HeartOut Story

The idea of HeartOut arises through the experience of its founder on the protocol of artistic auditions on stage, both from the point of view of the needs of the candidate, the organizer, and the juror.

When we talk about performing arts we understand it as dance, theater and music. However, the need for authenticity also extends to the film industry, production companies, talent competitions, universities, opera houses etc.

His career is what has enabled him to understand the needs of this particular industry. He has gone through the process of recruiting and applying to auditions from all possible roles: as a student, pianist, teacher, juror, organizer and contest administrator.

His knowledge of the dynamics, protocols of competitions and festivals, has given him insight regarding the challenges and shortcomings of the recruitment processes of artists, which brought him to design with much precision the application HeartOut.

Our Mission

HeartOut’s mission is to enable organizations the ability to assess the quality of a "live" performance through a recording by guaranteeing its original authenticity.

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