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Ready to play your HeartOut?

Showcase your talent in
HeartOut competitions

HeartOut offers "live" recording competitions open to the public. Browse through our array of auditions and competitions to find "The One"!

Or show your true self in
Private Auditions

HeartOut provides a platform for performing arts organizations to listen to recordings of their applicants in a "live" setting.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app and sign up
  2. Look for the right HO Competition for you, or access a private contest using your code
  3. Record your audition. You will have a step by step tutorial on how to do this, don't worry!
  4. Submit your audition and wait for the results, we wish you the best of luck

Why Heartout?

  • Fairness of equal opportunity for all applicants; all under the same conditions
  • Cost savings on the application process, being able to record at one’s preferred time, place and conditions
  • Affordable means to audition that do not require travel and accommodation or any expensive recording equipment

Are you ready?