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As we continue to adjust to our new norm, people around the world are searching for ways to continue to practice and perform their art. When crowds and live audiences were a predominate way to judge real life performances, we have created HeartOut to continue the audition and competition process in a safe and efficient way.

As an organizer, you have full control on what types of performers you are searching for with the best technology a digital platform can provide to ensure fair and equal opportunity auditions. By creating an app to help organizers continue their search for top talent, programs around the world have begun adjusting their recruitment process in a more digitally friendly way.

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With HeartOut’s organizer platform, you can easily create your own audition portal. Just fill out the necessary details including what type of artist you are searching for, set your recording attempts and expiration date. Then you are ready to start your search for top talent!

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On our organizer portal, you have direct access to applicant performances. HeartOut provides a unique platform in which organizers can assess performances according to their own schedules and have the ability to fast forward, rewind, etc. HeartOut recreates the "live" experience of an audition, performance, or interview to candidates. Judging hereafter, will not only include performance quality standards as it exists right now, but also conveys the concentration, preparedness, and pressure required to perform live all on a digital platform. Candidates will now be judged on a true "live" audition process in the comfort of their own homes

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