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The recording technology used in auditions today cannot guarantee that the respective recording has not been tampered with. This represents a major problem in accurately assessing the quality of the candidates and ensuring fairness in the evaluation process. The most crucial aspect in judging such a performance is being able to see the artistic act in its purest form as well as the response and performance of the artist in real time, under the kind of pressure that best emulates real life performances.

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With HeartOut organizers platform, you can easily create your audition posts. Detail what type of artist you are looking for, set recording attempts, expiration date, and you are good to go.

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You can see who applied to your contests and review their auditions. HeartOut will provide the advantage of a live recorded audition process. For example, judges will be able to assess according to their own schedules, and have the ability to fast forward, rewind, etc. HeartOut recreates the experience, pressure, and unexpectedness of a live audition-performance-interview to the candidate. Judging hereafter will not only include performance quality as it exists right now, but also dealing with the concentration, preparedness, and pressure required to perform live. Candidates will now be judged on a true "live" audition process.

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